Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coming Soon: Natural Toys Handmade in the US!

In my last post introducing my sleepy little owl, I didn't tell you exactly who made it. I am so excited to introduce to you...Bright Life Toys! I am thrilled about this new addition--I searched and searched for toys that not only meet strict federal safety standards, but my own requirements of high quality, natural and handmade in the US. Bright Life Toys just far surpasses all expectations I had!

Bright Life Toys is owned by Gail, who is a real treasure. She lovingly sews, paints, dyes, polishes, stamps, etc. each and every toy. And the wool inside the dolls and plush animals? As I mentioned in my prior post, it comes from a farm near to her, the first certified humane sheep farm in the US, and she cleans and cards it herself! She also uses bamboo velour, natural wood, polish made from beeswax and jojoba oil, professional grade low impact dyes and non-toxic paints. You will find a wide array of imaginative toys that inspire creative play--Waldorf dolls, natural wooden toys, manipulative and sensory toys, memory games and many adorable items for teething babies. These are toys your children will be able to enjoy for years!

I placed my order yesterday and will be working on getting everything set up in the store in anticipation of their arrival. I will announce when they go live, and with the hand dyed bamboo velour items, if you see something you like in a certain colorway, I suggest you grab it because it may be the only one! Except for my custom owls, I purchased what she had on hand, and there are only a few things that will have more than one of a certain colorway available. In the future I will think about permanently stocking certain colorways, but for now, I want to get a feel for what people like. And besides, it might be a fun surprise to see what I put up when my orders arrive! :)

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