Monday, February 6, 2012

Mama Cloth Pre-Order/Free Gift Extravaganza!

I am stocking minky cloth pads from Talulah Bean and organic cotton cloth pads from GladRags in the store, but this is something I would also like to take pre-orders for this first time around. I want to make sure everyone gets exactly what they want, and I am also hoping that keeping it open for two weeks will allow those who want to save up/wait for payday to do so. I'm including The Moon Cup Menstrual Cup in there as well (though I won't actually be trying and blogging about The Moon Cup myself for another couple weeks). Coupon codes may be used, so don't forget to check our Giveaways & Discounts tab to see what's active!

GladRags Organic Cotton Day Pad
Talulah Bean Minky Bean Slim

Here's the fun part: spend $30 or more on Talulah Bean, GladRags or The Moon Cup, get a FREE small Planet Wise wet bag (a $9.50 value)! Spend $40 or more on Talulah Bean, GladRags and/or The Moon Cup, and you can choose to stick with the FREE small Planet Wise wet bag, or you can upgrade to a FREE Planet Wise Mini Wet/Dry Bag (a $12.99 value)! No coupon code necessary, when you make a qualifying purchase, just let me know in the notes at checkout which bag you want (if your purchase is $40 or over) and at least your top two choices for the color/print. There are links in the listings to the full line of Planet Wise Prints--you can choose ANY they have in stock!
Small Planet Wise Wet Bag in Peace on Earth
Planet Wise Mini Wet/Dry Bag in Love Forever 

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